DIY Electric Skateboard For My Cat

DIY Electric Skateboard For My Cat (via)


I'd say that a cat whose dad designs a skateboard for her to ride about the house doesn't have to dream about 'living in the lap of luxury;" she's already there!

In Part 1 of Living In The Lap Of Luxury, I shared a few of my favorite pet furniture designs, and I thought to share some of the off-the-beaten-path pet toys and accessories today.

Here are 5 of my all-time favorite pet toys and accessories (at least up to now!).


1. DIY Electric Skateboard For My Cat
    Design by Kim Pimmel


DIY Electric Skateboard For My Cat

DIY Electric Skateboard For My Cat (via)

Now, you might say, "Well, that's great, but how do I get my cat to use it?" 

Why treats my friend, treats!

There's a lever up there on the right side of the skateboard (see image above) that, when pressed, does two crazy things: it delivers a treat to your cat and it moves the skateboard forward! Here, you'll see how the designer's cat does it. If you can follow along, you may be able to make an electric skateboard for your own cat!



2. The Hedgehog Carry House
    Design by Solcion


The Hedgehog Carry House

The Hedgehog Carry House


In my humble opinion no hedgehog should come without a Hedgehog Carry House. And, not surprisingly, the woman who designed this clever carry bag/hut owns a hedgehog.  

Furnished inside with washable sheets, the Hedgehog Carrier has sturdy canvas covered lightweight board walls, a covered window for your hedgehog's privacy, and a hand come shouder strap for comforting portablity.


The Hedgehog Carry House

The Hedgehog Carry House


When not in use...

Hedgehog Carry House

The Hedgehog Carry House


Sure, you could use the The Hedgehog Carry House for any small critter!

(via Designboom)


3. The Exercise Tracking Cat Treadmill
Design by The Little Cat


Exercise Tracking Cat Treadmill

 The Exercise Tracking Cat Treadmill (YouTube image)


The The Exercise Tracking Cat Treadmill is definitely the cat's meow!  And how many indoor cats really do need this effective and lovely-looking device?

Not only does this wheel enable tracking of your cat's time on the machine, but her weight, her speed, her calories spent... and then some. You just need someTraining your cat to use it doesn't look too hard!


You can purchase this lovely piece of modern architecture that happens to boast a bonus cat exerciser in four glittery colors from The Little Cat.


Exercise Training Cat Treadmill

The Exercise Tracking Cat Treadmill


4. Trapeze Swing
    Design By Tuft + Paw


Trapeze Swing by Tuft + Paw

Trapeze Swing By Tuft + Paw


You don't often see a cat climber that swings, and you don't often see cat's swinging, but this clever contraption really works well, once cats get the hang of it. See this video by @michelinegaulin

A fabulous design to keep your cat on his toes, this jute and sisal Trapeze Swing will be a worthwhile challenge for your cat or cats.  Set-up takes about 15 minutes and all instructions are included. The Trapeze Swing hangs by a sturdy rope!


Trapeze Swing by Tuft + PawTrapeze Swing by Tuft + Paws

Trapeze Swing By Tuft + Paw


This versatile cat swing comes in linen (shown above) and grey.


5. The Odin Treat Dispensing Toy
    Design by Up Dog Toys

Odin Treat Dispensing Toy

Odin Treat Dispensing Toy


You haven't seen every treat dispensing dog toy yet - not like The Odin! This very clever toy, designed by Up Dog Toys, is multifaceted, which gives the toy a more interesting shape than your average treat dispenser, but it also keeps the toy from rolling around too fast on your floor, making it more challenging for your pup to claim his treats. 

Another great design aspect of The Odin is that it can be linked to one or more other Odins to make the toy more challenging. 



The Odin is available in several colors so you can mix it up.


The Odin Treat Dispensing Toy

Odin Treat Dispensing Toy


The Odin is made of rubber, but it is not a chew toy, so please make sure that your dog only uses it to obtain her well-deserved treats!


Imagination, great looks, and thoughtful design are always appreciated, even when it comes to pet toys and accessories. And don't forget those handsome home furnishings.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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