A new technology that can be used in hospitals, schools, and other really germy areas to annihilate some of the deadliest viruses is, for the first time, being applied to the manufacturing of dog bowls.


The Hero Bowl

You are looking at the HERO Bowl, the cleanest pet bowl in the world! (screenshot)


HOWND is the first pet product developer to introduce the antibacterial, Biocote®, into the manufacturing of its recyclable polypropylene dog bowl, the HERO. Biocote technology relies on silver ion additives, materials that "disrupt bacterial enzymes and stop energy metabolism and electrolyte transport, thereby effectively suffocating the bacteria. Silver ions also slow the processes required for the bacteria to replicate." (source)

HOWND developers perceived how important the inclusion of Biocote would be in the manufacturing of dog bowls, the fourth germiest items in our homes behind our kitchen sponge, our kitchen sink, and our toothbrush holders! The addition of Biocote to the HERO makes these bowls 99.99 percent resistant to microbes like bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses, e coli and even superbugs.


Hero Bowl prevents cross contamination

HERO Bowls are also effective at resisting cross-contamination.  (screenshot)


All your pets, not just dogs, can eat out of the HERO bowls - even you can eat out of them! They come out of the dishwasher totally clean, cleaner than your own china.

HERO bowls are ergonomically designed, lower at the front for less strain on your pet's neck and curved throughout the insides so food doesn't get stuck in the bowl's edges. You can also lift the bowls easily with a scoop-up handle on both sides.

HERO is selling at Hammacher Schlemmer as The World's Most Hygienic Dog Bowl so you can have one of the very first nearly-100 percent germ-free dog bowls!



The HOWND company is a big supporter of dog adoption and contributes a percentage of its profits to pet adoption agencies. The HERO Bowl is named after the entrepreneurs' recently adopted dog HERO, whose story is told on this video.


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