Have a funny photo of your pet? Well... get one! The 2020 Comedy Pet Photography Awards are open now!

Supercat: photographer Heather Ross

Supercat: Photograher Heather Ross


We all take photos of our pets. How can we not? They are, more often than not, the loves of our lives. And when they are looking their best or their worst, doing what nature intended them to do, or what nature didn't intend them to do, if our cameras are near, we preserve their ways in photos.

The Comedy Pet Photo Awards want you to catch your pets in the act of being funny... not necessarily intending to be funny, but being funny to us humans who, let's face it, laugh at a lot of things that our pets don't find funny at all. On that issue, I should add that in your entries the Awards committee doesn't want photos of you making your pet look funny, like putting eyeglasses, clothing, or silly props around them. As you see in the photo winners from prior years here, pet photos are not 'staged;' pets are just being themselves.


Buddies: photographer Nir Natan

Buddies: Photographer Nir Natan


The Comedy Pet Photography Awards are run by the same duo of professional photographers/funny people who bring you the Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsPaul Joynson-Hicks, MBE and Tom Sullam, both award winning photographers, and Michelle Wood, marketing agent extraordinaire, who has to have a sense of humor in this business!

This year the group is joined by its sponsor Mars Petcare whose mission is to make A Better World For Pets™. And 10 percent of entry fees go to a special charity partner, Blue Cross of U.K. which has enriched the lives of thousands of homeless pets for more than a century.


Gramstad: Photographer Anne Lise

Gramstad: Photographer Anne Lise



Okay. Down to business:

1. Check out the entry categories here.

2. Read the Comedy Pet Photography Awards terms and conditions here.

3. Check out the distinguished judges here.

4. And, I guess you will want to know what the prizes are... here.

Now, start following your pet around with your camera - what else do you have to do?


Entries are due before the deadline of midnight UK time on August 31, 2020. 


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