The dreaded "cone of shame" encircling the neck of this stately Elizabethan Collar Cat jewelry holder is a feature, not a bug.   

Elizabethan Collar Cat Jewelry Holder

You've all seen them – those funnel-like protective pet medical prostheses known variously as the Elizabethan collar (or “E-Collar” for you modern types), Buster collar, pet cone, pet radar dish, pup-saver, lick-stopper or everyone's favorite: the dreaded Cone of Shame. The latter is a somewhat unfortunate moniker, being that (a) the pet wearing it has nothing to be ashamed of and (b) pets – cats, especially – don't really get embarrassed.

That said, the ol' truncated cone has been around long enough (it was patented in 1959 by a certain Frank L Johnson) that nobody's surprised to see one in use... at least, in use by an actual pet. A non-actual pet would appear to have no use for the conical collar but guess what? Things are not always what they appear to be.

Elizabethan Collar Cat Jewelry Holder

Which brings us to the “Pierce Holder”, an oddly-named yet undoubtedly cute cat-centric tray for earrings, rings, navel-piercings and other small jewelry items. Formed from sculpted resin over a steel superstructure, the 9.8cm (just under 4 inches) tall figurine sports a dainty Elizabethan collar ideal for keeping easily-lost fashion accessories from being er, lost easily.

Choose from a charcoal & white “cow cat” with golden eyes or a snow-white kitty with sky-blue irises. The inverted cone jewelry holder on both is soft white in hue with a pattern of small holes contributing both lightness and good looks. For more information and ordering information, please visit the product page at Village Vanguard.