Amber Owen, a British citizen who is now 20, is grateful to Ning Nong the Elephant and the fact that he used his animal instincts to take the little girl to safety. Read on for more about this amazing tale of animal rescue.

British Girl Gets Trapped In Thailand Tsunami

Amber was riding Ning Nong the elephant along the beach when the devastating tsunami struck. In her own words: "The elephants carried us along the beach and into the sea. I grew especially fond of Ning Nong, a four-year-old,  and would feed him bananas every morning. He would wrap his trunk around my shoulders and nuzzle me... Early on the morning of the tsunami, there was a small earthquake , but we didn't think much about it. I was riding along the beach after breakfast and I could tell he was anxious. He kept turning away from the sea. As he edged inland, a huge wave rushed up to his shoulders. (See: Elephant Stops For A Child.)


Hero Ning Nong And Amber Owen

Ning Nong Takes Amber To Safety

Amber clung to the back of the elephant, fearful the waves, which were getting higher by the second, would engulf them both. People were slipping under the waves everywhere about her, and Ning Nong kept pulling away from the sea, and used his animal instincts to transport Amber to safety. When Amber's mother, Samantha, heard screams, she panicked and ran down to the beach. She could not find her daughter or Ning Nong because the elephant transported the pair further inland. (See: Hero Giant Rats Save Lives.)

Heading further inland with Amber on his back, the elephant forced his body forward, wading against the powerful pressure of the relentless current with his shoulders. He climbed up the beach and continued along until he found a small wall and wedged himself next to a stone shelf that was wide enough for Amber to scramble onto. At this point, her mother found them both, grabbed Amber and returned to their first floor room barely ten minutes before the next wave hit and swept away two rooms on the same floor! (See: Gorilla Saves Little Boy.)

Ning Nong's Fate Is Unknown

Amber doesn't know what happened to the elephant, but believes that the incident completely altered her life's perspective. She Said: "He saved my life and he carried me to safety. I will always be grateful and it made me more appreciative of life. It taught me at  a very young age that terrible things can happen in an instant and life can be changed forever." Her mother also shows gratitude to brave Ning Nong by sending money every year for the upkeep of Phuket's elephants. (See: Pride of Lions Save Kidnapped Ethiopian Girl.)

Art Imitates Life And Inspires Hope

Amber's incredible story has been adapted unto a book and then a play by Michel Morpurgo called: Running Wild, a fantasy woven around this tale of survival against all odds.

Here's to the bravery of Ning Nong.

Good job!

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