Sweet Max is the poster dog for  animals with disabilities. This elderly dog, who is deaf and partially blind, single-doggedly  rescued a little girl who was lost in the harsh  and rainy Australian Bushland.

The Australian Bushland

The Bushland for the sake of this story is located in western Australia (Brisbane), but patches of this geographic phenomenon can be found all around most Australian cities. One native  defined  it as: "The bush is a natural environment, uncultivated and largely untouched by human intervention. It is marked by trees, smaller bushes and indigenous plants and some remaining original animals, e.g. kangaroos, emus and other smaller marsupials. The bush is often part of a National Park and is not populated with camping and caravan parks." (See; Palomino Horse Saves Rider From Dog  Attack.)

Although peaceful and beautiful, the Australian bush is no place for a child to be alone, especially on a cold and windy April night when wild animals roam and danger can lurk at every dark corner. When little Aurora went missing on Friday afternoon some two months ago, over 100 police and emergency response personnel were dispersed across her family's property.  The child's grandmother, Leisa Bennett, joined the search  efforts on that Saturday and it was she who heard Aurora crying form the top of the nearby mountain. Excited, she moved closer, and it was then that Max emerged from the bush and led her to the little girl. (See; Dasher the Hero German Shepherd Pup.)


Max and His Little Friend
Photo: Cafe Mom

A Happy Family Reunion

Aurora turned out to be a little more than a mile away from her family's home. She had suffered from minor cuts and scrapes. Relatives said she had taken shelter with Max a s temperatures dropped. In the words of  SES area controller, Ian Phipps: "The area around the house is quite mountainous and is very inhospitable terrain to go walking in. So she'd traveled quite a distance with her dog who was very loyal  to her." (See; Geo A Puppy For All Seasons.)


Max Stands Tall
Photo: Queensland Police

Her grandmother told the press: "I think Aurora was a bit overwhelmed by the tears and the howling, but I explained to her how happy those tears were. It could have gone any of a hundred ways, but she's here, she's alive, she's well and it's a great outcome for our family. " (See: Pit Bull Rescues Family and 5 Canines From Burning Home.)


Aurora With Emergency Responder
The Australian.com

Max was awarded a bone  for his efforts and was also named an honorary Queensland police dog fro his bravery. Professor Paul McGreevy, a University of Sydney animal behavior expert, believes that the dog sensed Aurora's distress and that's why Max remained by her side. He stated that older dogs value human contact more acutely than younger canines,  and this is probably why Max stayed with his little friend. (See; Hero Pug Receives Award.)

Whatever Max was about that day, it is clear  that his brave and loving heart told him what to do and he obeyed.

Good boy, Max!

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Source:The Good News Network