Leaving a smaller carbon footprint should not only be the sole goal of us humans. That outreach should be extended to our pets as well. Your four-legged pals should be entitled to the same clean environment as their owners. Today there are products and services that are biodegradable, recyclable, non-toxic, locally-made and organic. All it takes is for pet-owners to spend a little time in seeking them out in the marketplace.

Poop Bags & Kitty Litter

If you’re currently using plDog Waste BagsDog Waste Bagsastic grocery bags as poop bags, it’s important you check out whether or not they are biodegradable.

According to some current ecological reports, there are unfortunately a number landfills that are being used for disposing non-biodegradable bags, which cannot be broken down into a harmless natural state. So it is incumbent on pet owners, to seek out pet-friendly locations that dispense biodegradable poop bags, such as parks, housing communities, hotels and dog runs. Online, eco-friendly dog waste bags (120-count) can be purchased for as little as $7.

Mini-septic SystemMini-septic SystemAnother option for disposing dog refuse is a a mini-septic system, which are available for less than $60. These units work like miniature septic tanks, utilizing enzyme and bacteria action to automatically reduce dog waste to a ground-absorbing liquid.

There are now a number of choices of kitty litter, which are eco-friendly. Most of the old-style kitty litters are made up of clay. In and of itself that’s fine. But unfortunately pet owners are known to wrap their cat’s litter in non-biodegradable bags, similar to the poop bags noted above. So alternate options vary according to preferences. You can consider using old newspapers, or flushing organic kitty litter down the toilet. Also the newer kitty litter products are less dusty, but just as absorbent as clay. These nontoxic, biodegradable, chemical-free are produced from pine and wheat and 14 pounds can be purchased for less than $15.

Dog Beds & Collars

There are several eco-friendly dog cots available, which are filled with recycled poly-fill. There’s also recycled dog bed covers for $85 made from used sail cloth from American yachts, racing boats. Each year this effort saves 20 thousand yards of sail cloth from the landfills. And as an added bonus, your pet's bed cover will come with a unique number or stamp from the original sail.

Hemp dog collars are attractive and colorful. What makes hemp an eco-friendly product? It is stronger than cotton and resists tears and mildew. Hemp improves soil fertility and doesn't require pesticides when it's grown. Hemp dog collars run under $35.

And what about those darn pesky fleas & ticks?

Instead of using those pesticide-ridden traditional flea and tick products, consider changing to some eco-friendly products. For instance, a change in diet has actually been known to repel fleas au naturel. Items such as Brewer's yeast will make the taste of your pet’s blood highly undesirable to fleas and ticks.

Natural Flea Tick/CollarNatural Flea Tick/CollarOther options are to purchase a natural flea/tick spray or collar for your cats and dogs. These items contain natural herbal flea repellents which include rosemary, cedar and citronella.

For even greater assurance, ask your groomer or veterinarian for their recommendations regarding organic and natural pet shampoos that don’t contain paragons or phosphates. Those chemicals are harmful to your sink drains and water systems, and may also irritate your dog and cat’s skin.

All in all, changing to natural alternative solutions for your pet is easy and inexpensive. Now, it’s up you, the pet owner to make today's tips part of your pet care regimen. This will allow your pets to enjoy the same benefits of an eco-friendly world that you have come to expect.