Easy Tug dog pull toy by Tether Tug

Easy Tug Dog Toy by Tether Tug


I guess it's a vestige of the wild dog who fights relentlessly for food by tearing it out of another critter's mouth, but domesticated dogs love to do the same to pull toys, as long as their jaws and teeth can hold out. I would be concerned about them hurting themselves tugging like crazy were it not for the fact that they know that neither my teeth nor my arms are strong enough to put up enough resistance to make their pursuit much of a challenge.

Just in time for my dog sitting job with an 80-pound sweetheart of a pit bull, I learned about the Easy Tug, a tug toy that gratifyingly keeps your shoulders in their sockets when dogs tug.


Easy Tug Dog Toy by Tether Tug


Created by Tether Tug, the Easy Tug is actually a two part tug toy - the dog's part is made of firm material with a toy at the end and the human's part is elasticized.  The Easy Tug's stretchy half is what gives the toy the elasticity you need to escape body strain, regardless of your size. Even young kids can handle the strength of a large dog pull with the Easy Tug (well, not too young!).

There's a nice special grip for the human and a few places for your dog to get his choppers into for a good hold.

Easy Tug Dog Toy by Tether Tug

Easy Tug Dog Toy by Tether Tug


Watch how it works:




Each Easy Tug is handmade in Missouri, USA!

With the Easy Tug, maybe you can offer your dog a bit of a challenge! Check out the Easy Tug on the Tether Tug website and be sure to read the warranty page too. 


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