Bathing a dog can be a major project. Bathing a cat - well, how much protective clothing do you own?

It may never be a pleasurable activity for you or your pet, but the Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool is the smartest new pet bathing device I've seen in awhile. And a bath may just become your pet's favorite activity!

I'm going to give you the punchline first: take a look at how this magic works....

Open your hand, the spray comes out!

Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool

Close your hand, the spray stops!

Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool


Actually, it's not really magic. The scrubber has a little button in it that turns on and off when you squeeze the sprayer.  Nevertheless, the Aquapaw feels like a magical tool when you compare it to the hose that goes haywire every time you bathe your pets.

And as the spray comes out, you can hold your pet steady with one hand and scrub and rinse with the other.


Aquapaw (screenshot from YouTube video)

Screenshot from YouTube video


Look how nicely the Aquapaw fits over your hand with an adjustable strap!

Watch the Aquapaw in action!



The Aquapaw comes with an 8 foot hose that you can attach to a faucet, a shower, or another hose.

Daniel Lentz, now a successful industrial designer working in Northern California, got the idea for the Aquapaw in 2005, but he was being paid to develop kitchen items and gadgets, not dog products. Not having time to work on it until 2015, he finally embarked on what was to be a successful ($42,000!) funding campaign for his invention on Kickstarter.  Alas, the first Aquapaws were sold this past summer.  You can purchase yours now on

(Watch the Aquapaw video that was used for the Kickstarter campaign last year. It shows more dogs being bathed.)


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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