A rescued tortoiseshell cat named Missy may have no ears but no one can deny she's a sight for sore eyes.  

Earless Cat Ready To Face The Music

Whiskers, meowing, and cute li'l ears... all signature features of the cats and kittens we love – and who love us back (in their own unique and inimitable way). Then there's Missy, a three-year-old tortoiseshell cat who was taken in by the Battersea Dog & Cats Home after her owners' circumstances changed.

Missy looked like most any other tortie when she arrived, save for an odd habit of shaking her head. After taking a closer look, staff discovered Missy suffered from severe infections in both of her ears. Treatment involved operations on her ear canals, plus the surgical removal of both her outer ears.

Earless Cat Ready To Face The Music

So please forgive Missy if she's looking a little owlish these days... and thank the Battersea Dog & Cats Home for giving a hoot (sorry) about her welfare. “Beautiful Missy is truly one of a kind,” explained Cattery Team Leader Michelle Henry-Clement – and yes, the shelter does indeed have a dedicated Cattery Team.

“Although she may appear ‘earless’,” added Henry-Clement, “she can still hear perfectly well and quickly became a much happier cat following her treatment.” Hmm. Hope she didn't hear those “owl” comments.  

Earless Cat Ready To Face The Music

We're happy to report Missy has not only made a full and complete recovery from her ear issues, she's also found a new forever home! Indeed, her adoption was one of the shelter's first successes since being allowed to resume “homing” dogs and cats in accordance with the UK's gradual return from coronavirus shutdown.

Fear not, potential pet adopters, Battersea still has many pets still available to caring pet lovers. Please visit the shelter's website for more info and... tell 'em you “heard” it hear!