What appears to be an enormous wild boar was caught on camera chowing down on a dumpster in front of a Hong Kong kindergarten.

Dumpster-Diving Hong Kong 'Boar King'

OK, so dumpster diving is cool and all – unless it's a really hot day, yecch – but what happens when the diver is bigger than the dumpster? A shocked passersby in Hong Kong didn't stick around to find out, though give Tu Dong (awesome name or what!) credit for snapping off a three-second video of the Hong Kong Hogzilla going to town on some seriously stinky refuse. We're guessing Dong was in full flight by the four-second mark, not that we can blame him.    

As can be seen in Dong's video, the wide-bodied wild boar stands on its tip-toes while sinking its scimitar-sized tusks into the flimsy plastic garbage bags filling the pair of dumpsters to overflowing. A couple of much smaller boars (offspring?) loiter down at ground level waiting to catch any scraps. Speaking of offspring, the dumpsters are located just outside a primary school... sorry kids, recess is canceled!

Coconut crab trashcan

Once safely back home, Dong uploaded his short but scary video to his Facebook page where it quickly went viral. At press time, the post had racked up over 550K views, 1,800 likes, almost 1,000 comments and almost 7,000 shares!

But wait... are we really seeing a bronto-boar bigger than a dumpster or... could the dumpsters in Hong Kong be a lot smaller than yer average all-American, hot-tubable, heavy metal dumpsters? We have a sneaking suspicion Tu Dong's video is similar to the internet-infamous trash can coconut crab image above, in which the “can” is actually a junior-sized plastic storage bin and the crab is, well, just a crab.