Dogs get up to the craziest things including, in the case of one Texas homeowner, the roof.

Dude, Where's My Dog? “Roof Roof!”

So you're thinking “hey, it's Texas, dogs can jump up to a ranch-style bungalow's roof easy as pie.” Think again: the home owned by Sergio Serratos of Round Rock is a multi-story, multiple-gabled, modern construct with steeply pitched roof angles that would frustrate even the most sure-footed of squirrels.

A squirrel, in fact, was what Serratos thought he heard when he got home on February 1st, 2018, and was NOT greeted by his faithful hound, Kylo. He quickly put two and two together, however, and knowing he wouldn't be believed, whipped out his phone and began recording.  

Dude, Where's My Dog? “Roof Roof!”

Serratos posted his video of four-month-old Kylo (presciently named for Star Wars' Kylo Ren) on his Facebook page, captioning it “I get home this afternoon and homeboy is on the roof... how does that even happen!! #crazydog #heisalive #kylo #nofear #ididntevencry #quierellorar #perroloco #hipuppy #savage” The video was picked up by KTBC-TV (FOX 7) news in Austin.

As the video only shows Serratos' discovery of his shingle-struttin' canine, KTBG-TV reporters followed up with Serratos once Kylo was safely retrieved from his perch. It seems that the curious pup climbed the inside staircase, reached a bedroom balcony via an open window, and then jumped onto the roof... probably attracted by a squirrel. That's how they do UP – Texas-style.


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