A woman caught walking her pet duck at an Ohio Walmart at least had the decency to re-leash the quacker. Leading it on a tour of the store's Meat & Produce section, on the other hand, guarantees the web-footed wanderer some serious exposure on the People of Walmart website.

Duck Tales From Walmart

OK, we get it... all manner of exotic beasts from aardvarks to zebras have made the scene as Emotional Support Animals. Not everyone abuses the system, such as it is, to gain attention though there are plenty of those who do. This has sparked a crackdown on the practice and while the airlines in particular have narrowed their definition of what constitutes an allowable Service Animal, stores like Walmart haven't jumped on the bandwagon... yet.     

Thus we regular folks get to enjoy a constant circus parade of unlikely pets passing by as we attempt to shop for the necessities of modern life. As this is a pet-related site, we'll restrain ourselves from commenting on this wayward waterfowl's owner – sometimes there literally are no words (even in Gaelic), and this is one of those times.

We'll offer one piece of advice, however: when at Walmart, don't play “step on a quack, break your mother's back.” The bill is gonna be ugly.