Another day, another quack attack at Walmart... yes, it's happened before and no doubt it will happen again. What the duck is going on?? We get it – the Big Box mega-retailer wants to build a web site better than their competitor (, for you Rip van Winkles out there) but they're going about it the wrong way!  

Duck In A Box Causes Minor Flap At Walmart

Kudos to People of Walmart for posting the photo above, taken at an unknown store location earlier this year. The unnamed photographer was able to zoom in close enough to showcase the yellow dog mask worn by the black-feathered mallard... what, you didn't know ducks wore dog masks? Well you've seen it here, and now you'll never be able to un-see it again.

All this and that aside, the main mystery remains... why would anyone bring a duck to Walmart? No, they didn't buy it there (as far as we know, Walmart doesn't sell live ducks) so it's doubtful they were trying to return it for a refund without a receipt. We don't even know the duck's name though one obvious guess would be Donald. No collusion... just a whole lotta confusion.