Even vegans can enjoy these animal-themed goodies since they only SOUND like they're made from actual animals – or parts thereof.   

Swedish Fish delivery truck in NYC


1) Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish are chewy candies that really did originate in Sweden, though today they're also manufactured in Canada and Turkey. The original “red” flavor was sourced from lingonberries and was celebrated recently in Swedish Fish-flavored Oreo cookies. These Swedish Fish Socks, on the other hand, have no natural flavor (that we're aware of).

The Malaco company markets salmiak (salted black licorice) flavored Swedish Fish in Sweden – one would hope they never, ever get into Oreos. (animal-themed sweets images via arvind grover at top and Jessica Spencer above)   


2) Cat's Tongue Chocolates

Lengüitas de Gato, by Costa of Chile

Cat's Tongues are cookies or chocolates whose origin dates back to the late nineteenth century. These mildly-disturbing confections are popular in Chile, where they're made by Costa and marketed as "Lengüitas de gato" (little cat tongues). How cute... well, maybe not if you're a cat but still.

Cat got your tongue and want revenge? Order Lindt brand “Katzenzungen” online to bemuse your friends and keep your pets on their toes. (animal-themed sweets image via Steven Depolo)      


3) Gummy Bears

Haribo Gold-Bear gummies

Gummy bears are one of the more ubiquitous animal-themes candies, as fans of the 1986 film Ferris Bueller's Day Off know all too well. Haribo's Gold-Bears are probably the most well-known brand, although most bulk food stores stock generic gummy bears in a variety of flavors, sizes, and seasonal themes.

A particular brand of sugar-free gummy bear has become somewhat of an internet legend due to “unfortunate” effects experienced by people sensitive to the artificial sweetener. Consider yourself warned. (animal-themed sweets image via Paul Heaberlin)         


4) BeaverTails

BeaverTail kiosk at Toronto Zoo

Poutine may get all the glory (not to mention, the gravy) but BeaverTails ("Queues de Castor" in French) are just as delicious, and just as Canadian. These distinctive pastries are made from individually hand-stretched dough, deep-fried and topped with a bewildering variety of sweet and savory condiments.

BeaverTails were invented in 1978 by the Hooker family of Killaloe, Ontario. These days you can find "BeaverTails" and "Queues de Castor" sold at over 140 franchise and license locations in six countries. The one above can be found at the Toronto Zoo, naturally. (animal-themed sweets image via Hungarian Snow   

5) Jelly Rats

Jelly Rats at IKEA

Having scored an international hit with Swedish Fish, the Stockholm Syndrome set decided to take the next step with Jelly Rats... yeah, kind of a step back but a step nonetheless. Jelly Rats are slightly drier and less chewy than their kissin' cousins, so they've got that going for them, which is nice.

Curious candy aficionados can find Jelly Rats sold in bags at most IKEA store Swede Shops. No IKEA nearby? There's always Ye Old Cornish Jelly Psycho Rats at Amazon. Yeah, Brexit can't come too soon. (animal-themed sweets image via La Belle Province)                          


6) Peeps

Classic yellow Peeps

Peeps are like Trump: you either really, really like 'em or you really, bigly, yuuugely don't. The latter group is won't to lump Peeps in with Candy Corn, Circus Peanuts and Mary Janes when compiling Most Hated Candy compilations.

One odd thing about Peeps – these marshmallowy treats taste pretty much the same no matter what color they are. Those desiring a different flavor profile could try Dark Chocolate Covered Peeps, or maybe eat something, anything, everything BUT Peeps. (animal-themed sweets image via Mike Mozart     


7) Bear Claws

Bear Claws, RAWR!

You don't have to be Archer's Pam Poovey to go RAWR for Bear Claws, though you definitely don't want to eat them er, RAWR. Eat enough Bear Claws in a short period of time, on the other hand, and you may end up looking like Pam Poovey. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Most local and supermarket bakeries prepare Bear Claws so don't laze-out on the La-Z-Boy trying to order them online... you just might end up with these instead. (animal-themed sweets image via Gene Bisbee)            


8) Tiger Tail Ice Cream

Tiger Tail ice cream cone

Not everyone loves Tiger Tail ice cream but that's understandable: orange sherbet and black licorice aren't exactly complementary flavors, especially when presented in a dairy base. Progress on the cannabis legalization front will likely move that needle ahead, however.

As with Bear Claws, Amazon is not your sticky-fingered connection to confection. They do feature something called “Robbing the Vegan Ice Cream Truck”, from the 36? album “Tiger Tail”, no less. A dessert island disc if there ever was. (animal-themed sweets image via chriss)              


9) Creme Eggs

Cadbury Creme Eggs

The legendary Cadbury Creme Egg was created in 1923 but didn't achieve it's final form until 1963. This seasonal (New Year's Day through Easter) chocolate-covered treat has built up a fanatically devoted following who are not to be trifled with. In 2015, Cadbury changed their chocolate formulation from delicious Dairy Milk to the cheaper “standard cocoa mix chocolate”. Creme Egg devotees were displeased to say the least – sales plunged and Cadbury experienced their own “New Coke Moment”, as it were.

This video posted by a shocked chocoholic succinctly expresses the displeasure of a Creme Egg fan disgruntled by Cadbury's secretive sweet switcheroo. (animal-themed sweets image via owlpacino  


10) Moose Droppings

Moose Droppings at Toronto Airport

Moose Droppings – not to be confused with moose droppings – are a Canadian thing because who else would be amused by this creative name for chocolate-covered almonds? In related news, our sister ate a moose dropping once... no realli! Mynd you, actual moose droppings kan be pretti nasti.

You'll find Moose Droppings sold at the usual souvenir kiosks catering to tourists, like the doody er, duty free shops at most Canadian airports. Non-travelers can always order a Moose-themed Gift Basket Wood Crate from Amazon, which includes Moose Droppings candy, Moose Mud (hot chocolate mix), Moose Munch (popcorn), Moose Bites (raisinets), and Chocolate Moose (a chocolate bar). That... that's about it. Notably, the seller does NOT ship to Canada. (animal-themed sweets image via Paull Young

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