I used to have a dog that drank my beer when I put my glass down. Now I can let my dogs and cats drink their own cocktails, wines, and beers.  And they can even have a cup of dog or cat tea, now and then, when they're on the wagon.


Dog "Booze"


Dog drinking FetchMeNoir dog wine by the Pet Winery

Canine wine taster tries the FetchMeNoir Dogwine by The Pet Winery


The Pet Winery has dog and cat spirits for every occasion.  The dog lineup is pretty extensive, including the FetchMeNoir, shown above with a canine wine taster, and a fine Grigio, below, being tested by the roving taster, the Samoyed below.


Grigio dog wine by The Pet Wine Company

Grigio by The Pet Wine Company (screenshot)


If you drink martinis, you might want to offer your dog a Dogtini, or a champagne by Dög Pérignon....


Dogtini by The Pet Winery

Dogtini by The Pet Winery


The beer-drinking dog owner has to consider providing a Barkbrew for his best friend!


Barkbrew for dogs

Barkbrew by The Pet Winery



Cat "Booze"

The cat lineup includes cat martinis, or Cattini, for cocktails.


Catini cat martini by the Pet Winery

Cattini by the Pet Winery



But if the missy is not into heavy drinking, she might prefer a pre-dinner rosé champagne by Mëow and Chandon.


Meow and Chandon rose champagne

Rosé champagne by Mëow and Chandon


If she's dining on fish tonight, a white wine like a 2016 Meowsling would be in order.


Meowsling by the Pet Winery

2016 Meowsling by the Pet Winery


Liver for dinner? How about a red Purrgundy, also a 2016.


Purrgundy for cats by the Pet Winery



What's In The Pet Wines?

The Pet Winery cocktails and wine equivalents are meant to be tasty and healthy for your pets. Though each concoction is a bit different, there is no booze or anything harmful to your pet among the ingredients. In fact, the ingredients, mostly salmon oil (for health) and vegan-made bacon extract (for extra flavor) are natural and organically sourced for your dog. The Dogtini, above, even has a dose of organic peppermint for dogs with the proverbial cotton in their mouths (i.e., bad breath!) The wines have non-alcoholic bases, fruit or vegetable broth. Beef broth substitutes for hops in the Barkbrew dog beer and it contains a healthy dose of glucosamine to keep your dog's bones strong.


Dog And Cat Teas

Teetotaler pets can imbibe the scents and tastes of Pet Winery Dog Tea or Pet Winery Cat Tea.  The Doggie Tea Bags contain organic Dill Seed, Dandelion, and Skull Cap, seeds and herbs that promote calm in your dog. 


Doggy Tea Bags

Doggie Tea Bags by the Pet Winery


Now, the Kit-tea Bags, with catnip, won't necessarily promote calm in your cats.

When catnip is sniffed, it tends to make your kitty crazy.  It's when the catnip is ingested that it makes them sleepy. The Kittea Bags contain catnip, but they also contain valerian, an herb that's potentially more potent than catnip in making your cat perk up.... So it's anybody's guess how your cat will react to the Kittea. The important thing, is that it's safe and healthy.


Kittea Bags by the Pet Winery

Kit-tea Bags by the Pet Winery


WARNING: Doggie and Kittea Bags tea bags are intended to soak in hot water for approximately 3 minutes before removing the tea bag from the cup or bowl. THE TEA SHOULD NOT BE SERVED HOT! Let the tea cool to room temperature or cooler before serving.


Of course, not all dogs and cats imbibe, but the Pet Winery offerings make great pet gifts and they're worth trying for their originality and health benefits. Besides, the Pet Winery is big on sharing profits with pet rescues!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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