In news of the absurd, a herd of eight donkeys were jailed for four days in Uttar Pradesh, a state in northern India. Shockingly, this was done without a proper arrest and without due process. Chances are they were also never read their rights -- oh, right, that's what happens in the U.S. Of course we don't usually arrest donkeys in the first place.

Donkeys Being Released From Jail
Donkeys Being Released From Jail

The owner had been warned about letting the animals roam free but he apparently disregarded this. The critters went on to chow down on some very expensive plants sitting outside the jail. The plants were in the process of being installed inside the jail. The cost of the plants was reported to be "several lakhs." One lakh is worth in the neighborhood of $1,500 U.S. dollars. Jail officials ushered the destructive donkeys into a jail cell where they were kept for four days. The police in the area were quick to point out that they had nothing to do with this.

The donkeys are back home now. There is no word on whether the owner will be required to pay for the plants devoured by his donkeys. There is also no word on how long it took to clear the donkey doo out of the jail cell but it would make great snack food for the remaining plants.

Image via NDTV

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