A few months ago, a donkey saved her human family when they were attacked by a pack of wild dogs that killed two of their miniature horses. She chased the wild dogs away from the scene, protecting her caretakers with all of her donkey might.

The Family Was Devastated By The Loss Of Their Two Miniature Horses


Miniature Horse
Miniature Horse Photo: Lil Hooves

A mother and two daughters went to  feed their two miniature horses, Chief and Princess, and found them dead, savagely attacked by wild dogs. The family donkey was very distraught, pacing back and forth near the bodies and braying pitifully. The dogs had remained out of view but close to where it happened, and they attacked the Baxley family  as they stood grieving and distracted over their lost pets. According to Baxley: "We started to walk back to the car and the five dogs came after us from the front gate of the property. Donkey went after the dogs and they retreated back to wherever they came from.."   (See: Lions Save Kidnapped Ethiopian Girl.)

The Sheriff Arrives On The  Scene


Donkey Named Donkey
Hero Donkey


There was little the sheriff could do when he arrived, although finding the owner of the dogs responsible for the terrible slaughter was first on his list of priorities.  He noted how sad the donkey looked standing with the family leaning over the dead bodies of their sweet pets. (See: Seeing Eye Camel and Blind Mare.)

The owner of the dogs came forward,claiming that he really wasn't. Rather, he had been feeding them for about a year. On the surface, this may seem like a friendly gesture, but it  was later revealed that these dogs were chained during the day and released to roam free during the night. An animal control officer at the location deemed him the owner by default, making him responsible for the actions of the dogs since he had been caring for them, albeit badly. The owner was forced to relinquish the dogs to animal control. Their fate can be guessed, but remains unknown. (See: Dog Teaches Disabled Children To Surf.)

The Loving Legacy of Two Miniature Horses

The Baxley's beloved miniature horses, Chief and Princess, were registered purebreds with the American Miniature Horse Association and the American Miniature Horse Registry respectively. The family was so saddened by their loss, and that included Donkey who sadly traipsed across the property, hoping to find his two lost buddies. (See: Heroic Palomino Saves Owner From Dog Attack.)

Some two weeks after the terrible incident, one kindly breeder donated five new miniature horses tot eh Baxley family, and Donkey has regained his joie de vivre, although it is not likely that he will ever forget Chief and Princess.

Hey, donkey named Donkey, way to go!

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Source: WPBF