The Donald Trump Squirrel Feeder amuses and entertains political animals BIGLY while providing nutritious nuts and seeds to our non-voting wildlife pals.   

Donald Trump Squirrel Feeder

The Donald Trump Squirrel Feeder is one of several hollow head (no offense intended) squirrel feeders from Squirrel Helmets.

You may have seen other designs such as the Horse Head Mask, Unicorn Head, Cat Head, and the ever-popular Giant Squirrel Head from Archie McPhee that's sold at Amazon.

Donald Trump Squirrel Feeder

All operate on the same simple principal: smear some peanut butter on the inside surfaces and pour in some commercial squirrel feed mix (corn, peanuts, bird seed etc.). The sticky peanut butter holds the seed & nut mix in place until some bushy-tailed critter discovers the bounty and partakes – to the endless amusement of human observers.  

Hang it by a cord (some of you may take immoderate delight in doing so) just high enough so that a feeding squirrel has to stand on its hind legs to get at the goodies. Indeed, now every squirrel in your yard can be a wannabe zombie AND the li'l rascals might finally leave your bird seed feeder alone.

Donald Trump Squirrel Feeder

The Donald Trump Squirrel Feeder is made from washable plastic, weighs 1 lb., and measures 7.8 x 7.1 x 6.1 inches. You can check out this video to see the Donald Trump Squirrel Feeder in action.

Maybe it's just us but the puckering puss appears to resemble Alec Baldwin's SNL portrayal of the Pres more than it does Trump himself. Maybe that's intentional: gotta appeal to the widest possible customer base. At least humor is one thing both sides of the aisle still have in common. For more info and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at

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