Pee-yew! from IVS video

Pee-yew! You stink! (from IVS video)


If you have used pet wipes as a supplement to your cat or dog's regular baths, maybe you came to the same conclusion as I have: they are too thin and too small.

Well, IVS (International Veterinary Sciences) makes pet wipes that are big enough and thick enough to give your cat or dog a good "sponge bath" when needed. They also contain ingredients that are good for your pet's skin and fur and are veterinarian approved. 

And, they do the trick! They clean your pet and make him smell good... but not perfumey!

Some pet parents use baby wipes to clean their pets; baby wipes are not, as you can see below, advisable for pets:


comparison by IVS

comparison by IVS


IVS Quick Bath Pet Wipes For Dogs And Cats

IVS makes Quick Bath Pet Wipes for large dogs, for medium and small dogs, and for cats. 


Quick Bath Pet Wipes for Dogs

Quick Bath Pet Wipes For Large Dogs


Those made for large dogs are 8 by 10 inches and come in packs of 5 or 10. The Quick Bath Pet Wipes for small and medium-size dogs are 5 by 10 inches and come in packs of 10. 


Quick Bath Cat Wipes

Quick Bath Pet Wipes For Cats


Cat wipes are 5 by 10 inches and come in packs of 10 as well.

The contents for both the dog and cat wipes are, according to packaging: purified water, hair and skin cleansers and conditioners, emulsifiers, antiseptics and preservatives, anti-foam agent vitamin E, fragrance, vitamin A, aloe vera, and a ph controller. The descriptions are general enough that you can assume there are slight variations between the specific formulas for cats and dogs. For example, the fragrances and cleansers might be different. 

Both the cat and dog formulas are very highly rated by cat and dog parents. Cats who can no longer bathe themselves are particularly benefitted, as are dogs who just don't tend to clean themselves at all!


IVS Tushee Wipes For Dogs And Cats


IVS Tushee Wipes for Dogs & Cats

IVS Tushee Wipes For Dogs And Cats


Dogs and cats poop. And, typically, they don't wipe themselves. Sometimes there's "stray" poop left on their tushees and/or the fur around it. So, it's good for us pet parents to clean it off. That's what IVS Tushee Wipes are for, and they are purposed for both dog and cat use.


IVS Tushee Wipes

IVS Tushee Wipes


Dogs like to sniff each other's tushees when they meet, but they really don't want to smell each other's poop. They want to sniff each other's glands. IVS made a very clever video that tries to capture how dogs react to smelling other dogs' poop. Kind of like how humans react...  You have to watch this!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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