This totally (chicken)wired personal luxury "coop" spotted at a Missouri Walmart parking lot runs on chicken feed and emits biogas.

Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatchback There

I know why the caged bird sings. I don't know what song a dozen and a half caged chickens are singing in the bed of this here pickup truck. Now look, we can see the benefit of converting a disused truck into a chicken coop (as illustrated by Flickr member Daniel Hatton's photo below), but an in-use vehicle? That takes guts... and chicken wire, and last but not least a good set of nose plugs.

Presumably the owner/operator of the truck pictured above has got all of these attributes, not to mention a DOT permit of some type, that enable his free-wheeling feather farm to wing its way along Missouri's majestic network of highways and byways. That's just how some folks roll in the Show Me State.

Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatchback There

That said, this sure ain't the chick-magnet anyone was looking for, not least the blue-in-the-face breath-holding Walmart shoppers forced to walk past the reeking avian flu-mobile on their way into and out of the store.

We'd sure love to know more about this cluster-cluck on wheels – where did it come from, where will it go next, and why did the driver make a pit-stop at the local Walmart that particular Friday night? Unfortunately, details are few and far between. Such is the case with most images posted at the amazing & amusing People of Walmart website but on the bright side, it sets the imagination free... as a bird!