Cute though they may be, these 'Dogs Raised By Foods' key chain charms are definitely not the dog food you were looking for.

'Dogs Raised By Foods' key chain charms

Love dogs? Love food? Why not both! This cute series of mascot ball chain charms combines the best features of your favorite dog breeds with a delicious selection of delicious foods.

Sure, it sounds and looks a little bizarre but hey – nobody freaks out when dachshunds get called “weiner dogs”, do they? The dogs themselves don't give a hoot unless someone gets carried away and squirts mustard (not ketchup – don't even think about it) on them.

'Dogs Raised By Foods' key chain charms

So yeah, “Dogs Raised By Foods” are a thing and you'll just have to deal with it. The charms are made from ATBC-PVC (Acetyl Tributyl Citrate - Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic, which emits fewer pthalates and boasts greater biodegradability.

Five different varieties are available: Bread Loaf Corgi, Rice Bowl Pomeranian, Fried Chicken Toy Poodle, Muffin Chihuahua, and Bagel Dachshund... those "hotdog dogs" just can't seem to catch a break. Any one of them is sure to make you smile every time you grab your keys, though your pets may eyeball you with a more quizzical expression. For more information, please visit the (Japanese language) product page at Qualia.