It's a dog's life. At least it ought to be. That age-old and extremely
popular Game of Life has gone to the dogs -- literally. This winter you
can gather the clan around the table to play The Game of Life: It's a
Dog's Life
and have a barking good time!

The Game of Life: It's a Dog's LifeThe Game of Life: It's a Dog's Life

The game is very similar to the original, but with a strong dog theme. You can even customize your playing pieces to look like your own dog. Each player still drives a little plastic car around the game board, but instead of children you collect puppies; instead of money you use dog "bones;" instead of heading for a mansion you are headed for a puppy palace. You get the idea!

There will be no whining from your pups as you play this game -- except maybe when it's over. You'll really raise the woof! No doubt tails will be wagging at your house this winter with a new Game of Life.

To order The Game of Life: It's a
Dog's Life, click here.

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