Hind leg weakness is quite common in older dogs, but there are some medical conditions that can affect young dogs, as well. Whether your dog has lost full use of his hind legs, has weakness in them, or has a degenerative disease affecting his back legs, he may be helped by use of a dog wheelchair, aka dog cart.

Two-wheel carts are what is recommended for dogs that have use of their front legs. Quality Carts are custom made for your dog and can be used to fully support or to assist support of his hind legs.

In the photo below, the poodle does not have use of his legs and is using the dog cart to support all of his rear weight. In the Akita's case, on the right, he is bearing a good portion of his own rear weight, but the cart is helping him with support as well as stability.




Here is a closer look at the two-wheel cart.  It has a very sturdy frame, but weighs seven pounds, or less for a small dog. The frame is harnessed to the mid section of the dog and the support is provided under the shoulders of  her hind legs, helping her to fully stand.  If she can't use her hind legs or they need a rest, they can be placed comfortably in the straps, like when you need to wear a sling around your arm.




There are many benefits to providing a cart to your dog. For one, it gets him back to normalcy. He can exercise, eat, play and do most things he's accustomed to, which makes him healthier faster and restores his morale. The custom-fitted wheelchair is beneficial for spine and limb alignment, promoting proper healing, and keeping him from further injury. Another plus is that the dog cart makes it much easier on the owner to provide care for her dog.

DogQuality.com, which handles the Quality Carts, suggests that all dogs are not great candidates for the dog wheelchair. Like the proverbial light bulb, your dog has to want to walk. Sometimes when an illness or pain first occurs, your dog will need to rest and it is best for him to do so. But later, if he shows signs of wanting to get up, if he shows energy, enthusiasm, and seems in no pain, those characteristics would make him a good candidate for a dog wheelchair. The site has a check list of signs to know if your dog would make a good candidate for the dog cart.

Quality Carts also makes custom wheelchairs for dogs that need support for all four legs. For more information about them, contact DogQuality.com. The site will be an invaluable resource for you. You can also order from Amazon.

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