‘Dogs of Habersham’ Reinvents Dogs At Harvest Festival

The ‘Dogs of Habersham (DOH) launched this past summer, in a pastoral residential community, just minutes from historic Beaufort, South Carolina. A neighborhood marked by old-world inspired architecture, Southern charm and spirit, the National Association of Home Builders awarded Habersham the ‘Best Neighborhood Design in America.'

Initially launched as a ‘pet project,’ DOH's photo shoots of dogs are photographed on a traditional South Carolinian porch at my Habersham residence.  Today, one of the business’ goals of this home-grown business is to publish a portfolio of these beautiful pooches in books and calendars, online and in print.

Dogs, Integral to Lowcountry Lifestyle

Based on the age-old adage, "dogs are man’s best friend," as the DOH founder, I kick-started this initiative to celebrate dogs as an integral part of the Lowcountry lifestyle. Beaufortonians are passionate about their canines, whether they are pedigrees from long lines of Southern lineage, or they are adopting rescues to provide them with ‘forever homes.

Habersham is a very special South Carolinian community, made all the more special by the hundreds of dogs that reside here. So much so, it's my goal to photograph each and every one of them. And when I’m done, I’ll be seeking out other porches and parks where our four-legged friends reside, . . . throughout the county, and beyond.

From Photos to Re-imagined Art

Pet owners can purchase image packages that feature 8 x10” photos, re-imagined art and a coloring book page of each dog. The re-invention of these dogs positions them in classic iconic art portraits by artists such as Raphael, Goya, Norman Rockwell, and hundreds of others memorable works of art. Or for the more whimsical, dogs can be illustrated in cartoons such as Peanuts, Popeye or can appear as Super heroes such as Wonder Dog, Mighty Mouse, or the Kooky Quartet. Award-winning artist Jack Pittman designs these original illustrated parodies.

Leading up to the 9th Annual Habersham Harvest Festival, I'm proud to say that DOH has conducted over 60 photo shoots of dogs. At this year’s festival October 21-22, 2017, DOH will be welcoming ‘visiting dogs’ to Habersham with free photos shoots and re-imagined art for sale. A portion of all of DOH’s packages sold is donated to the Lowcountry Humane Society.

Popeye Re-imagined
          Tracey & Damian's Chihuahuas, re-imagined as Bluto, Olive Oyl & Popeye


The 9th Annual Habersham Harvest Festival a celebration of the season representing family values while striving to support our local economy and give the Beaufort region a special event to look forward to each year! Our classic fair theme highlights all that this time of year has to offer capturing the essence of the Fall, community, localism and farming – with lots of fun and games for the kids to enjoy. This “homegrown family festival” is an entertaining old-world style street festival, hosted each year in the Habersham Marketplace.

Habersham Harvest Festival


Primary Source: Dogs of Habersham