Veteran's Pets Need Foster Parents: Dogs on Deployment Image via FacebookVeteran's Pets Need Foster Parents: Dogs on Deployment Image via Facebook


Military members provide us with so much, the least we can do is somehow try and repay them for their bravery and efforts. There are a lot of ways we can show our gratitude, like donations and sponsorship. But if you love animals and you’re able to, there are some unique situations where you can make a difference on a more personal level. Programs like Dogs on Deployment and other groups like them help service members find volunteer “foster parents” who are willing to board their pets while they’re fulfilling their military commitments. That’s where you come in.

Pet Ownership  

If you’ve got pets and you love them, you know how stressful it would be if you had to pack up and leave without anyone to care for them. Not knowing if they were safe would eat at you to the point of distraction. Being a volunteer foster parent to someone’s “baby” and offering them a safe, stable, loving environment while his or her parent is deployed is a wonderful way to ease a veteran's load. Your kindness and time would also make a huge difference in the life of a frightened and confused animal that doesn’t understand why they’re being separated from their owner.  

Dogs on Deployment Pet: Dogs on Deployment Image via FacebookDogs on Deployment Pet: Dogs on Deployment Image via Facebook

Being a Foster Pet Parent

Dogs on Deployment

doesn’t just accept dogs. The national nonprofit accepts cats as well. They also appreciate donations to help support their services, if you can spare them. But besides providing an online network of available caretakers, they promote responsible, life-long pet ownership among service members with pets. They’re doing this through educational resources, advocacy of military pet owner rights, and granting financial assistance for military pet owners during times of emergency. Their goal is to make life a little easier for service men and women and ensuring not only their ability to keep their pets, but to instill a sense of continuity in pet ownership.


For anyone that’s interested in temporarily providing shelter to these animals, all you have to do is go to the Dogs on Deployment website. You can volunteer to become a dog boarder and you can check out the Pets in Need section and see a listing of animals that could use your assistance and the dates they’ll require it. It’s important to find a good fit for everyone involved. Dog boarders create a basic profile with their name and location and the number of pets they can take, the sizes, and the lengths of time they’re capable of helping. There are profiles for the pets, too. These profiles help ensure a compatible match.


Dogs on Deployment Reunion: Dogs on Deployment Image via FacebookDogs on Deployment Reunion: Dogs on Deployment Image via Facebook


More Ways to Help


For more ideas on how to get involved with this great program, you can undertake a sponsorship, help promote the cause or even shop to support it by purchasing pet products, cookies and services for your own animals that benefit Dogs on Deployment. In addition, Amazon will donate 0.5 percent of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Dogs On Deployment whenever you shop on AmazonSmile. In this way your purchases make a difference, and it’s an easy way to honor and observe members of the military this Veteran’s Day or any time of year.