Dogs Are Gonna’ Partay Like It’s 4716

It might be 2018 in the Western Hemisphere, but in the East, the Lunar Calendar is not only ringing in 4716, its ushering out the ‘Roosters’ while welcoming in the ‘Dogs.’ That’s right — historically, the Asian world never adhered to the Gregorian Calendar. For centuries, they’ve been on a much older track that follows the ‘lunar’ versus ‘solar’ cycle.

So this year, celebrations will mark the New Year on February 16. This date is marked by the first day of the new moon at the end of the existing year. The celebration traditionally lasts 15 days ending with the Lantern Festival on March 2.

So whether you are of the Western or Eastern persuasion, I’m sure you will want to partake in some of the festivities happening around the world. Today I’ll highlight some of the fun venues celebrating this auspicious occasion?

Kuala Lumpur

The first stamp series issued by Malaysia's postal service this year is themed "Animals with Various Special Roles - Working Dogs.” Working dogs for the Malaysians include detector dogs, protection dogs and guide dogs.

Dogs Are Gonna’ Partay Like It’s 4716

This collection highlights the importance of working dogs trained to perform specific tasks to assist humans. This includes crime prevention, detection of concealed substances or objects and those assisting visually impaired individuals.


From the street decor to parades and parties, Singapore dogs feature prominently in this year's celebrations. It's hard to miss the 11 meter-tall lanterns - a family of dogs and puppies with a giant gold ingot, standing at the junction of Eu Tong Sen Street and Upper Cross Street.

Dogs Are Gonna’ Partay Like It’s 4716

They were designed in collaboration with students and faculty from the Singapore University of Technology for the seventh year in a row. A total of 37 master craftsmen were involved in making this year's lanterns.


The DOG DAYS OF DUBLIN festival features a number of fun canine-themed events you'd be barking mad not to check out! There is a full schedule of colorful and engaging events, as well as tantalizing Irish food offerings.

Dogs Are Gonna’ Partay Like It’s 4716

The National Gallery of Ireland will run a ‘Year of the Dog’ Tour on February 25, which will celebrate dogs featured in the Gallery’s collection of Eastern and Western Art.


Disneyland Resort is celebrating the Lunar New Year for three weeks this year. According to their promos it's : "a sea of performers flow gracefully throughout the streets."

Dogs Are Gonna’ Partay Like It’s 4716

No word yet if any of the iconic ‘Disney Dogs’ will be participating in the amusement park’s festivities. So presently Pluto, Goofy, Bolt and Dug are MIA — but there’s still time for a a surprise visit when the New Year officially rolls around.

Canines Reimagined

For those who’d like their ‘best friend' to also party like it’s 4716, you don’t have to travel half-way around there globe to get involved. The folks at Canines Reimagined are welcoming pet owners and their dogs to partake of their online celebrations in a very special way.

Dogs Are Gonna’ Partay Like It’s 4716

It’s easy to get involve. Just go to ‘Canines Remagined’ and post your favorite pic of your favorite pooch.

This Facebook page is looking for diversity. So if you’ve adopted a rescue or have a well-bred pedigree in your household, post their photos to this page. If you are the pet owner of a Greyhound, a Yorkie, a Chihuahua, a Jack Russell, a Golden Retriever, or one of the popular hybrids like a Labradoodle or Havanese — or the hundreds of others that now exist — post to this page.

There is no charge and your representation is important as 'Canines Reimagined' is seeking a comprehensive portfolio of all breeds before the ‘Year of the Dog’ Ends.

When posting, make sure to caption your photo with  the dog’s name, it’s breed or rescue status, and where he or she resides in the world. This is a global initiative that hopefully will feature canines from everywhere on the planet.

For more details regarding how to get involved, check out my previous post, “Post Dog Photos In Honor Of The ‘Year Of The Dog.’”

Readers, if you know of other venues around the world that are celebrating the YEAR OF THE DOG, please let us know in our comments below — and Gung hay fat choy [wishing you great happiness and prosperity] to you and your furry friends.

Primary Source: Post your Dogs' Photos for YEAR OF THE DOG