Everyone else gets to nuzzle with a heating pad; why not our pups? Whether your dog is extra-sensitive to cold or has arthritis, bone spurs, or other conditions that may require a special heat pack, you'll want to consider this thoughtfully made dog jacket.

The Doggyback Jacket Pack, by cozy pack-maker Warm Whiskers, is a microwavable pack that attaches anywhere on its accompanying dog jacket to provide extra heat to your dog. Lined and trimmed with thermal fleece, the dog jacket provides a lot of warmth by itself.

The Doggyback Jacket is made of Terylene, a customized poly-blend fabric that allows the Doggyback Jacket Pack to Velcro®-adhere to any region of the jacket. When not being used outside, the jacket can be used to wrap around any part of your dog to deliver heat therapy to her back or other sore areas of her body.

The Doggyback Pack -- either a plush Polar Bear Buddy on the pink jacket or a Boston Terrier Buddy on the black jacket -- is filled with natural buckwheat and lavender to microwave well and to keep your Buddy from thinking it's a toy!

The Doggyback Jacket Pack looks like a winner for small dogs, dogs with injuries, arthritis, or dogs that just feel the cold more than others. Oh, and did I mention, the Doggyback Pack can be put in the freezer for use on acute inflammations?

Available soon from Warm Whiskers and other pet retailers.

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Update: Doggyback Dog Jackets are now available for a great price on Amazon.