have been around for a while simply because they do exactly what they are
supposed to do.  Able to hold up to 70
pounds, these easy to assemble, lightweight steps are perfect for little dogs
or dogs that are getting up there in age.

a machine-washable faux sheepskin cover to pad your dog's little feet, the
Doggy Steps actually blend quite nicely furniture.  And at just shy of $28, it's an inexpensive
way to keep your little furry pal happy.

would be amiss if I did not include a little cautionary advice if you have
these little steps-just for safety's sake.

they are so low to the ground, and therefore generally out of my field of
vision, I have tripped over Doggy Steps more times than I can count.  And because they are light-weight, they move
with my momentum, making me trip again. 
And again.  I'm just glad the
couch is there to catch me by the third stumble.  I usually spill my beverage all over me, but
at least my head isn't all wobbly due to a broken neck.  So it's worth noting that since we, as humans,
don't use these tiny steps, it is possible to forget that they are nestled up
against a piece of furniture.

there's something to be said for Doggy Steps. 
While I'm tripping all over them, my Dad's blind dog nimbly climbs them
to her blanky on the couch without a problem.

if a blind dog can do that, who am I to complain about a broken neck?  You can get Doggy Steps here.

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