doggy hairnet from the PetNetPlace
Swagger galore! (image via Doggy Hairnets)


Okay. Just when you think you’ve seen it all comes another product to stop you dead in your tracks and utter a “Say what?!?!” aloud. This time it’s a hairnet for dogs. Yes, you read that right, hairnets for dogs. “But,” you say, “my dog doesn’t work in a cafeteria or a deli, why would they need a hairnet?” Good question for some. Get with the program for others. To cut to the chase, doggy hairnets are body-stocking-like garments worn by dogs to combat excessive shedding. Starting to see the light?

Doggy Hairnets

So, some of you are wondering what kind of nonsense is this, while still others are thinking tell me more. If you fall into the first group, you’re probably still reeling at the thought of the Licki Brush for orally grooming your cat. If you’ve got severe allergies or a heavy shedder at home, you’re probably already musing about where you can get your hands on a hairnet for your dog and mentally chastising yourself as to why you didn’t think about it before.


the shed defender doggy leotard
Resembling union suits, Shed Defenders (image via Shed Defender Facebook)


Getting down to brass tacks, this is a real product that has actually got competitors for the concept. Two different people came out with similar garments for the same problem, namely shedding, in the same year. This is evidently one of those the-chicken-or-the-egg situations. One is called the Shed Defender, and it’s a leotard of sorts (not making that up) designed by Tyson Walters for containing dander and hair from shedding coats. It seems his St. Bernard was driving him wacky.

The PetNetPlace

The Doggy Hairnet from the PetNetPlace, on the other hand, is the brainchild of Fred Rembert, who, like Walters, said the impetus for the 2011 invention was that he was constantly vacuuming dog hair in his house and car. Rembert’s rendition of the design concept appears to be lighter weight and more fashionable than Walter’s, with more styles to choose from. Rembert’s has also allegedly garnered interest from pet groomers and dog handlers due to their breathability.


doggy hairnet for shedding dogs
Doggy Hairnet in leopard/tiger print (image via Doggy Hairnets)

Comparing Pet Products

While both shedding products appear to allow unrestricted movement with complete fluidity, the leotard looks like nylon similar to a surfer’s rash guard, whereas the Pet Net comes in a stretchy, lightweight mesh more closely resembling women’s foundation pieces.

Now that I’ve painted those two pictures for you, you’ll have to decide for yourself which one is suitable for you and your pooch. Best of luck to you, and disregard the mocking that will surely come your way when your pet or pets sport either of these togs designed for capturing the hair of extremely hirsute beasts — although the hairnet version seems the least likely of the two to provoke that reaction.