Gorilla Grip Indoor Dog Doormat

Gorilla Grip Indoor Dog Doormat


Notice the photo of the Gorilla Grip Indoor Dog Doormat. It is not stubbly or harsh on your pup's feet.  On the contrary, it looks soft and comfy.... Yet, this inch-high chenille mat picks up moisture, dirt, and grime more effectively than most mats.

And the Gorilla Grip, as its name implies, doesn't slide all over the place (just in case your dog runs into your house, like mine does). It has a thermoplastic (TP) rubber backing to make sure the mat stays securely in place. Just make sure that your floor is completely dry before placing the rug, as moisture under the rug will allow it to slip.

If gray is not your color, don't worry, there are more than a dozen colors you may choose from. Some are solid color with no design and others have either the dog paw design like that above, or another design, like a heart, a bone, or a star.


Gorilla Grip Indoor Dog Doormat


Gorilla Grip Indoor Dog Doormat

Gorilla Grip Indoor Dog Doormat


Of course, you can use this 'doormat' anywhere. It makes a wonderful comfy rug for your dog's crate...


Gorilla Grip Indoor Dog Doormat


... or anywhere your dog likes to hang out. From toy to giant breeds there's a size that's just right for your dog: 24" x 17", 30" x 20", 36" x 24", 48" x 30", and 60" x 36". There's even a runner-type rug that's 70" by 24".  (Yes, of course you can order a mat even if you don't have a dog!)

When your mat is ready to be cleaned, give it a convenient machine wash (on gentle) and tumble dry (on low)!

Now, what more could you want? A 10-year guarantee, I bet.... 

Hmm. Well, you got it! Just visit the Gorilla Grip Indoor Dog Doormat.


That's the buzz for today!

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