I was first introduced to Doggles dog goggles when one of my pups had cataract surgery and the vet recommended that he use dog goggles to protect his eyes when out for a walk or in the dog park.  Yes, Doggles are goggles for dogs that, today, I swear by, and use for all my dogs when in bright sunlight to protect their eyes from glare.

My Welshie got a new toy for the holidays, made, to my surprise, by the Doggles company.  It was a Doggles Raccoon PentaPulls Toy.  It has a body and four legs, all ready to pull and all with squeakers inside.  Every dog's dream!


Doggles PentaPulls Raccoon Dog ToyDoggles PentaPulls Raccoon Dog Toy


My pooch loves the Raccoon toy so much that he insists on taking it with him to play dates with his two Rat Terrier buddies.  Usually, just two of them get to pull either the body of the toy or one of the four legs, but occasionally the third dog gets to pull, and it's a riot to watch.  I jumped over to Amazon.com to order a Doggles Raccoon PentaPulls Toy for the Rat Terriers, when I found there are several other animal toys in the line. Here are the adorable Hedgehog and the Duck toys.


Doggles PentaPulls Hedgehog ToyDoggles PentaPulls Hedgehog Toy


Doggles PentaPulls Duck ToyDoggles PentaPulls Duck Toy


On the same Amazon listing, you can find all the PentaPulls toys, including the Cow, the Skunk, and the Squirrel.  The Doggle toys cost a bit more than your average stuffed toys with squeakers, but you get a lot more for your money, and these toys withstand a lot of rough play.  They keep my dog happy and busy and that makes me a fan!

That's the buzz for today!


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