These nifty non-slip nylon dog boots are designed and manufactured in Japan where blustery typhoons are a fact of dog's life.   

Doggie Disaster Boots Help Poodles Plod Through Puddles

You might think these thigh-high dog boots look a little silly and... OK, we think they look goofy too but hey: stormy weather (much like Stormy Daniels) is nothing to trifle with.

Haters gonna hate but dogs gonna walk, no matter what the weather, and these lightweight, non-slip-soled boots are an ideal way to get Fido or Fifi to the fire hydrant and back, safe AND dry.

Doggie Disaster Boots Help Poodles Plod Through Puddles

The boots are made from “ZAMZA (R)”... no, we've never heard of it either but with a name like “ZAMZA (R)”, it's gotta be all kinds of awesome! Seriously though, the translated Japanese product page copy at Peppy Pets states the synthetic material is both water-repellent and dirt-resistant.

The rather hoof-like soles are composed of rough-finished PVC faux-leather that's tough enough to handle a wide range of outdoor surfaces. The flexible nylon uppers are secured with two widely-spaced Velcro closures to ensure a tight but comfortable fit. Choose from Signal Red or Navy – sold in sets of 4, the boots come in four graduated sizes from XS through L.