If you have a dog with separation anxiety, you might want to turn on an audiobook for her when you're gone. This is one of the suggestions Cesar Millan, aka The Dog Whisperer, provides on his 50 minute audiobook: Cesar Millan's Guide to Audiobooks for Dogs. it is now offered free from Amazon.com.

Cesar Millan's Guide To Audioboooks For Dogs

Millan's Guide isn't a list of audiobooks for certain types of dogs, but rather suggests how you might choose an audiobook for your dog, based on the types of behaviors your dog exhibits and the kind of pack leader you are.  These suggestions, though, don't come until near the end of the 50 minute book. Most of the book is about separation anxiety in dogs, and is based on Millan's own research in the field.  Frankly, more than audiobooks, it seems that the most important thing Millan recommends is exercise for your dog, getting him tired out, particularly before you are going to leave your dog at home.

Then Millan suggests the types of audiobooks your dog might like, depending on the dog's personality as well as your leadership style and gender. A high-strung dog with a female pack leader, for example, might benefit from a calming narrative read by a female with a soothing voice, like his pack leader. An otherwise calm dog would likely enjoy a fast-paced action novel read by someone like her pack leader.

Milan does offer some short video specifics for choosing an audiobook, if you don't want to listen to the whole 50 minute book.  And there is another page where you can find some of Millan's favorite books for dogs.

No, listening to an audiobook is not the same as listening to the TV or radio for a dog. Millan points out that TV is not a consistent medium for a dog to listen to.  The programming keeps changing, as does the action and the voices. What may be a calming show for your dog when you leave the house can turn into Gunsmoke by the time you return.


Cesar Milan and dogs listening to the Amazon Echo
Cesar Milan and dogs listening to the Amazon Echo


What Millan says on the free Audiobook makes sense. Be forewarned though; Milan is not only pushing the Amazon-owned website Audible.com, he is advocating the Amazon Echo as the vehicle for your dog's audiobooks!


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