Cute as heck, these Dog Trousers come in handy, in not just the obvious ways!


The Dog Trouser Company


At first glance, you'd guess that the Dog Trousers are intended for hiking through fields and snow, and that they will keep your dogs dry and protected against thorny weeds and maybe some bugs and bees that they might meet on the way.  But Dog Trousers also come in handy after surgeries, many of which are performed on the abdominal or limb areas in canines. The Dog Trousers might even perform better than the surgery-protecting collars or cones that dogs are forced to wear and also happen to hate.


The Dog Trouser Company


Developed by the owner of a dog hiking company in the United Kingdom, who often hikes with 30 dogs a day and their owners, "Harriet" had her own messy dogs plus the mess to clean up in her house every day after they came in from a hike, and she dreaded that part of the day - you can bet!

So Harriet created the Dog Trouser and her own company - The Dog Trouser Company!

Dog Trousers are tough! Made of a durable, washable nylon, each pair of Trousers, regardless of size, is very roomy, so as not to interfere with your dog's stride or jumps. Each pair of Dog Trousers have elastic and Velcro closures above your dog's feet...


The Dog Trouser Company

... and the Trousers have three adjustable straps on top to give the suit a snug fit.


The Dog Trouser Company


Note, above, the reflective strip that transverses the three horizontal straps.

Available in red and camo-grey, the sizes range from xx small to large. You can visit the size guide here.

The Dog Trouser Company donates £2 from every sale it makes to 1Dog At A Time Rescue, a British organization that rescues Rumanian dogs.

For now, Dog Trousers need to be ordered from Great Britain, but, hopefully soon, there will be a U.S. company which will sell them! They are great!


That's the buzz for today!

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