Smelly Sock toy

Smelly Sock Toy


New pet products continue to surprise. Now, instead of letting your dog tear up your dirty underwear, he can chew on toys that have your dirty underwear in it!

If your dog has separation anxiety, Paw and Bone has three new patented dog toys that are intended to be calming agents as well as activity inducers for your dog when you are gone: Smelly Shorts, Smelly Shirt, and the Smelly Sock. They are all made of Velboa fabric (a very soft polyester) and lined with crinkly paper. You can select the squeaker option for even more stimulation from the toy, or not.

The toys don't just look like what they represent, they are intended to hold the items they represent. So, you place your dirty socks, dirty shirt, and or dirty shorts inside the designated toy. Or, of course, you can mix and match depending on what is the smelliest piece of clothing you own on any given day.

So, it's your smell that has the calming effect on your dog when you're gone, and you know better than anyone how much your dog loves your shoes and socks! If he sleeps with you, he's especially fond of your pajama or underwear odor. It's you! And you are who he loves best.

Maybe it's your socks....


Smelly Sock toy

Smelly Sock toys come in large and small



Here's the Smelly Sock video... It will explain more about how the Smelly toys work.





The Smelly Shirt looks very sporty - might put a sweaty shirt in this dog toy!


 Smelly Shirt dog toy

Smelly Shirt dog toy


I must say the graphics look really nice on the Smelly dog products.  Check out the Smelly Shorts below!


Smelly Shorts dog toy

Smelly Shorts dog toy



You can also purchase gift packages of Smelly toys with the Smelly Toy Pack

Smelly Sox, Smelly Shirt, Smelly Shorts dog toys

Smelly Toy Pack



Or the alternative Smelly Toy Combo, below....


Smelly Toy Combo dog toys

Smelly Toy Combo


These Smelly toys are new products. Feel like investigating how they work at calming down your dog?

Don't forget to stuff them with your smelly underwear!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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