Wild Eats Cod Skin Fingers

Wild Eats Cod Skin Fingers


Wild Eats makes genuinely wild dog treats. Wild as in water buffalo ears, cheeks, and horns! (Check them out here.)  But Wild Eats has recently found its sea legs, and is producing single source treats for dogs and cats from cod fish, a superior source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. 

If your dog or cat likes fish, Wild Eats has it! And with the crunch that both critters especially love! It doesn't hurt that these treats help remove tartar from their teeth and stimulate their gums.


Wild Eats Cod Patties & Cod Skin Fingers

Wild Eats Cod Patties & Cod Skin Fingers


As in Wild Eats' Water Buffalo Treats, there is a single source for its fish products for pets - in this case, cod from the Baltic Sea. In Wild Eats Cod Pattiescod fish is the only ingredient in the Patties. In the Cod Skin Fingers, the only ingredient is cod skin.


Wild Eats Cod Skin Fingers

Wild Eats Cod Skin Fingers


My testers, five lively, curious dogs in sizes small, medium, and large, tried both the Cod Skin Fingers and the Cod Patties on separate occasions. 

They all loved the treats! I can't even say that they enjoyed one treat more than the other, but the Cod Skin Fingers do last longer. They are about 2.5 inches long by .5 inches thick. The Patties are about 1.5 inches in diameter and .5 inches thick. I decided to break up the Patties and use them as training treats. My dog does try to heel when I'm carrying the Patties in her treat bag!


Wild Eats practices


I save the Cod Skin Fingers for special occasions because they are large and I don't want to break them up for fear of creating sharp edges. The Cod Patties are more amenable to breaking up into smaller pieces, if you want to use them for training.

(While I'm on the subject of sharp edges, you need to watch your dogs and cats when they are eating these treats. If your pet starts coughing, you should remove the treat from your pet's mouth right away.)

One thing I noticed in the Cod Skin Fingers and the Cod Patties, is that sharp edges are very rare. If these or any treats have sharp edges, you should remove those edges with a scissors or sharp knife - or throw away the treat. If you don't care for the smell of fish, these treats do not smell strong, but they do smell like fish. There is no odor that eminates from the sealed bags.

Our five testers are definitely customers!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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