Dog shaming of pug
Dog shamed pug that poops rainbows (image via Facebook U.K.)

If you’re a pet owner, and a dog owner in particular, you’ve probably got a fairly lengthy list of times when your pet pulled a jaw-dropping stunt that left you reeling either with laughter, anger or total disbelief.

I can remember coming home from a trip to find that my dogs had knocked over a large plant stand containing an equally large potted fern that hit the floor and covered my carpeting with dirt, mud, and shredded plant fragments. But that wasn’t enough for the dynamic duo I called my babies.

They had also ripped all of the cushions off the couch and tore the guts out of the base of the sofa the cushions rested on to mix the stuffing in with the planter debris and then ran through the entire mess and rolled in it. This was before dog shaming was en vogue.


dog shaming of dogs that ate couch
Let's destroy the couch together & then roll in the mess! (image via Facebook U.K.)

Dog Shaming

Now, there’s a comical outlet for pet owners to vent their frustration when their pets behave like naughty or petulant children. I say petulant, because let’s face it: dogs and cats (especially) can be downright vindictive when they feel as if they’ve been slighted or ignored.

I know more than one person who has told me that every time they pull out their suitcase to pack for a trip their cat climbs in and pees all over the contents the minute their back is turned.

I used to travel a lot for business and pleasure and when I’d pull mine out to pack, my cat would jump in a large potted plant I had and pee or poop in it, yet she never exhibited this behavior at any other time. It’s called voicing their displeasure, and the message is loud and clear.


dog shaming of pit that ate too much chicken
Whether it's a chicken, a pot roast or an entire bag of dog food, the results are the same (image via Facebook U.K.)

Dog Shaming Websites

For several years now people have been sharing their pix of their own disasters courtesy of their beloved furry friends, and thank goodness they have. I haven’t laughed so hard for so long over a photograph as I have whenever I troll the different Websites devoted to these images.

It’s great for a pick me up whenever life’s lobbing hardballs at you or your own dog has done something incredibly mind bending. You could liken it to the reason many people cited for watching Springer: it makes you feel better about your own situation.

But the humor of the dog shaming photos and the laughter you’ll derive from them is on par with the sites devoted to Damn Autocorrect! as far as hearty guffaws and belly laughs.


dog shaming image of pet who ate remote control
Oh, did you need this for anything? Ignore me, will ya? (image via Facebook U.K.)

Dog Shaming on Social Media

The Springer analogy is perhaps the best, because anyone who’s ever indulged their funny bone by visiting dog shaming Websites or social media platforms that feature the subject has got to do a lot of head nodding and “Oh my God”s when perusing the super fun galleries on display.

Who hasn’t come home at least once to find the house destroyed, the remote or a pair of eye glasses eaten, an entire bag of dog food ripped open and consumed only to create a literal s**t storm throughout the house or any number of in-your-face-mom-and-dad events only to face a “Who, me?” expression as the offending animal crab crawls, slinks or skulks from the room or tries to escape through the backdoor?


people shaming by dogs
People shaming by pets is the latest trend (image via Facebook U.K.)

Sharing Dog Shaming Photos & Stories

Dog or pet shaming is everywhere right now, but the U.K. Facebook page for it has got some of the greatest pictures imaginable. There’s even been a reversal of fortunes lately for pets in a people-shaming trend that appears to be catching on. One picture depicts a man flanked by his dogs while holding a sign that reads “I cut treats in half and try to pass them off as whole treats” that’s pretty darn humorous.

As readers, you must have one, if not several, stories you can share, even if you don’t have photos to accompany them. Well, you don’t need the evidence. Just share your stories with us in the comments section below, because we’d all love to hear about them. Remember, as with Springer, misery loves company!