The Dog's Wellington Boot

The Dog's Wellington Boots

It was an adaptation of a Hessian boot by the British in the early 1900's that gave birth to the Wellington Boot, a name popularized by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington who fancied the boot. The Wellington Boot was made of leather and it was a sturdy, comfortable boot worn by upper crust men of British society. 

Today's Wellington Boot is just as practical, but not as posh. It's made of rubber and is used for rain, sailing, and fishing, like the boots below!


Wellington Boot

Wellington Boots today are made of rubber and are used for rain, boating, and fishing (photo)


As for the dog boots, they are made by Wagwear® and Wagwear named them WagWellies™.  Hammacher Schlemmer calls them The Dog's Wellington Boots, a more traditional name, and one that places these dog boots right in the midst of history. 

The Dog's Wellington Boots have some impressive features. One is that they are 100 percent rubber and they are made with a slit on each side of the front, so your dog's feet can slip right in, instead of having to awkwardly point your dogs toes into them.

The Dog's Wellington Boots

The Dog's Wellington Boots


Below they are seen from all angles; notice the nice rubber tread - the better to keep your pet upright!


The Dog's Wellington Boots

The Dog's Wellington Boots


The boots come in red and black and in four sizes:

 •XS for paws up to 2" long (approx. 15-25 lbs)

 •S for paws up to 2.25" long (approx. 25-35 lbs)

 •M for paws up to 2.5" long  (approx. 35-45 lbs)

 •L for paws up to 3.25" long (approx. 45-60 lbs)

To get the right size for your dog, Wagwear recommends that you place your dog's paw flat on a white sheet of paper. Use a pencil to mark your dog's heel and the tip of her longest nail.  You may want to do this for all four paws, as they may vary in size a bit and you'll want to purchase the largest size that fits.

The Dog's Wellington Boots are sturdy and easy to keep clean. They come with a life-time guarentee from Hammacher Schlemmer.


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