spay/neuter tattoos by ASV
Image by Chris Mendiola


Chris Mendiola is so fond of his adopted dog Bear that he decided to get matching tattoos in order to show his solidarity with the animal. If you’re thinking he subjected his dog to a tattoo just so they could have matching ink, he didn’t. Bear actually came with his own tat and Chris decided to get one just like it. Why, you ask? Because Bear’s tattoo is a male symbol with a slash running through it indicating that he’s been fixed and apparently Mendiola felt for him.

No Shame in Loving Animals

Some people still have to put on a macho front and act as if there’s something wrong if you are open about how much you care for your pet(s). Whatever. That’s their personal problem. Not yours. For the rest of us, we’ve moved beyond the uneducated “they’re just stupid animals,” “they don’t have feelings,” and “they don’t know anything.” Animals do feel things, the percentage of pets that are stupid is probably no higher than among humans, and they are aware of what goes on around them.

Tattooing Animals

Mendiola doesn’t agree with tattooing animals, but he figured he’d share in Bear’s pain, as his best bud has been there with him now through highs and lows, thick and thin. While a lot of the mocking came from his friends (of course!) via social media, some of it came from strangers as well. Once it caught on it was suggested that he wasn’t aware of the significance of the tattoo when he got it. Mendiola begs to differ. He says he discussed it with Bear’s vet and knew exactly what it meant. What he seemed hazy on was that whoever fixed Bear probably gave the dog the tat.

Association of Shelter Veterinarians (ASV)

According to ASV standards, it is a requirement of veterinarians who regularly spay and neuter shelter animals to place small visible tattoos on the animals so that they are not inadvertently operated on again in an effort to fix them. The tattoos are usually the male or female sign with a slash running through them and they’re most commonly found on their tummy or groin area, as it were, so they’re easy to see. A vet tech friend of mine said these “oops!” surgeries happen far more often than you think.

Pet Lovers Unite

At the very least, the tattoo artist would have filled him in as to the tat's meaning, so hats off to Chris Mendiola for not giving a rat’s patootie about the shade he’s received since his “friends” allowed the news to go viral. If you love your pet(s), stand up and be counted!

Source: Gizmodo