Who is your soulmate? Your dog or your significant other?


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A new survey indicates that 44 percent of dog owners turn to their dogs rather than family members for comfort when they are feeling sad or angry, as opposed to only 34 percent who would turn to their human partners.  You may or may not be surprised at that, but their significant others may have been the cause of their sadness or anger to begin with. Dogs never are!

The survey, conducted by dog-walking service Wag!, included 2,000 respondents. They answered questions related to their relationships, feelings for, and interactions with their dogs. If you own a dog, you may understand how these 2,000 people feel about their own 'best friends.'

For example,

  • 38 percent of respondents indicated that in their households they show the most affection to their dogs - more affection than they show their children or partners.
  • Almost one-third of pet parents said they would consider getting a body tattoo of their dogs, and 15 percent already have them.
  • Paw prints are the favorite choice of tattoos, followed by portraits of their pets and their pet's names.
  • Twenty-five percent of dog parents throw birthday parties for their dogs, but 60 percent buy birthday gifts and 88 percent feed their dogs special meals on their birthdays!
  • Almost 20 percent of dog parents check in with their pets during the day via Wi-Fi technology!


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How much love do you have for your dog? You have a perfect opportunity to share it on National Dog Appreciation Day, August 26th.




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