A devilishly good pooch named Lucifer wasn't about to let his owner (and his house) go up in flames without satan, er, sayin' something first.

Dog Named Lucifer Alerts Man To House Fire

The irony may burn but at least the house didn't (well, not completely) thanks to ol' Lucifer, Larry Moore's angelic pet. Moore had fallen asleep in his living room chair when, according to Hutchinson Fire HFD, a fire sparked by multiple improperly connected extension cords began to spread.

The house's smoke alarms weren't functioning but luckily for Moore, Lucifer's natural built-in scent sensors were working just fine! According to KWCH-12-News, Moore credits “Lucy”, who's male by the way, with saving his life that day. Mind you, using extension cords with discretion and regularly testing your home smoke detectors ain't a bad idea either!

Dog Named Lucifer Alerts Man To House Fire

But we digress... now back to our feel-good story: “He jumped up in my lap, jumped in my lap and woke me up and I turned around and the house was on fire,” recalls Moore, who had barely enough time to gather up Lucifer, his other dog, and a few belongings before making their escape. We'll bet his other dog's feeling a tad shamed after being out-nosed by his housemate.

Moore returned the next day to survey the damage but says he's not concerned, just glad he and his pets survived and are in good health. “That's all that matters to me honestly, I couldn't be happier,” he said. “We made it out okay, that's the main thing.” Moore's house in Hutchinson, Kansas sports a “Beware of Dog” sign in the front yard but thanks to Lucifer the life-saver, a change to “Be Aware of Dog” is now warranted.

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