LUMO Ridgeback

LUMO Ridgeback De-Shedding Tool


There are things we do routinely that may bug us because the methods we are using are not the most efficient. That occurred to Liz Morrissey many times over the years she spent grooming pets with tools that were inefficient, especially when it came to de-shedding her pet clients.

Ms. Morrissey had an idea though for a different kind of tool, one which she thought would be much more effective than the tools currently available. In 2012 Morrissey brought her idea to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where MBA graduates from the MIT SLOAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT took her idea and ran with it.

To make a long story short, five years later, the final prototype made, Morrissey and her colleagues patented and began to manufacture the LUMO Ridgeback, a truly unique and effective pet de-shedding tool.

LUMO Ridgeback de-shedding tool

LUMO Ridgeback Pet De-Shedding Tool


The LUMO is designed with gradually shorter tines. While all the tines work to remove your pet's undercoat and de-shed, the longer ones are intended to remove knots in your pet's fur. With a press of the handle-shaped button on top, the brushed fur is released and you're ready to brush again. The top of the tool is narrowed so that you can use it on the slimmer parts of your pet, such as under her belly and chin.


LUMO Ridgeback De-Shedding Tool

LUMO Ridgeback Pet De-Shedding Tool


Below you can see Ms. Morrissey herself demonstrating the use the LUMO Ridgeback:



The LUMO is sturdily built with stainless steel alloy that's aircraft grade. It is corrosion resistent and can even be used when bathing your pet.

Amazon reviews, so far, are sterling. A few reviewers mentioned that the Ridgeback was not as effective in removing knots as it is in de-shedding. Of course, many dogs who shed do not have fur that typically gets matted or knots.

The LUMO Ridgeback currently comes in two sizes for pets with long hair and those with short hairSoon a third size will be available for extra-short haired pets.


LUMO Ridgeback De-Shedding Tool

LUMO Ridgeback Pet De-Shedding Tool


You can use the LUMO Ridgeback on dogs, cats, and other animals that shed.


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