Dog-gone Christmas Miracle!

This is the second blog in my series of animal Christmas miracle stories. My first documented how Christmas Island is looking to rebrand itself as the next Galápagos Islands, with the assistance of Google, — in a post titled: The Miracle of Christmas Island à la Google.

Today’s is a heartwarming tale about a lost dog. But not any lost dog. This one was missing for 7+ years and traveled almost the entire length of the country from East to West.

He’ll be Home for Christmas

His name is Teddy. He is a Shih Tzu and he escaped from his home in Phoenix, Arizona and he went missing for 7+ years, according to his owner, Lay Sisamouth.

“We never thought we’d see him again, you know?” Sisamouth told his local TV station. “We kinda gave up hope after seven, eight years of being lost.

“When Teddy vanished, their son, Shawn, was in third grade,” Lay’s wife, Melissa, said on Facebook. Now, he’s in 10th grade. It’s a long time to hold out hope for finding a lost pet.”

From Phenix to Phoenix

Oddly enough he was found in city with a similar name. However, Phenix, Alabama is over 1800 miles away from Phoenix, Arizona.

When Christina Cameron, from the Russell County Animal Shelter in Phenix placed a call to the Sisamouths on December 15, 2017, she wasn't sure what kind of response she would receive.

“I wasn’t expecting to hear that he was missing his dog. “I was expecting to hear that he gave the dog away,” noted Cameron.

Shaggy Dog Story

Cameron relayed how Teddy was retrieved at her center in somewhat fuzzy detail. Apparently a military family had found him years ago and took him on as their pet. He traveled around the country as that family was relocated from one military base to another.

It was then noted that when the military family felt they couldn’t take care of Teddy any more, one of their relatives who resided in Phenix offered to take him. However when that individual got sick in December, Teddy was then left off at a shelter, where it was discovered that he had a microchip.

That led to a phone call that prompted the astonished Lay to fly to Phenix to retrieve Teddy.

When he was presented with his long-lost dog he scooped him up in his arms and through whispered tears uttered: “What’s up, buddy? Do you remember me?”

“Bringing him back, it’s all joy,” he said. “The boys are all waiting. We just wanted him back for Christmas.”

Teddy needs veterinary care and a professional grooming, but was full of energy.

While the Sisamouths received the one Christmas present they never expected, they were still were curious as to the rest of this shaggy dog story. If only Teddy could speak! “I wish he could tell me his stories,” Lay said, hugging Teddy. “Where’d you go, huh?” queried Lay.

Nonetheless, the Sisamouths received a Christmas miracle like none other — one they’ll remember for a very long time. Readers, do you have a Christmas miracle to relate. Please tell us about your stories in the comments below.

Primary Source: Dog Missing for Seven Years