Dog Fart Terminator.  Yes.  This is real.  I wish I could say that I made it up.  I consider myself somewhat creative, but this type of thing just doesn't seem to float into my thought processes.  That being said, I believe the name of this item speaks for itself.

Touted as providing instant relief from the horrifying stench of canine flatulence, Dog Fart Terminator (from the makers of Poop-Freeze) contains what are only described as "fart fighting particles."  That conjures up an image of little guys in tiny bi-planes shooting out puffy bullets of pleasant smells.

I'm quite sure it's not so glorious. The few reviews that I have found state that it works quite well.  Not only on dogs, but also on cats.  And husbands.

Get your own Dog Fart Terminator here!

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