You barkin' at me? A dog left inside a running three-wheeled cab by its owner somehow shifted the taxi into gear, sending it crashing through the front window of a phone store.

Dog Drives Electric Taxi Into Mobile-Phone Shop

Security camera video from a mobile-phone shop in Taizhou, China appears to show one of the “ruffest” car accidents you'll ever see... yet no one was injured and property damage was minimal.

The driver in particular got off without a scratch due to his being nowhere near the crash scene. So, who was driving the cab? His dog, of course! Heh, and you thought Johnny Cab from Total Recall gave lousy service.

Dog Drives Electric Taxi Into Mobile-Phone Shop

A lotta luck (both good and bad) was involved in the improbable chain of events leading up to the crash. According to the Sina Jiangsu news website, the dog's owner parked his electric three-wheeled taxi at a fruit store across the street from the mobile-phone shop.  

He neglected to turn off the motor when he exited the vehicle, however, and his dog somehow set the cab into motion. The shop's security camera shows the cab rolling across the busy thoroughfare without being hit, right through the phone store's glass front window, barely missing a female sales clerk. We're not aware of any pending charges but considering the taxi was electric and the shop sold phones, it would appear rather likely.


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