These outtasite Apple AirTag Cases from Zee.Dog ensure you've always got an electronic eye on your off-leash dog.  

Apple AirTag Cases from Zee.Dog

Like most caring pet owners, your dog's the apple of your eye: occasionally out of site but never out of mind! Now Zee.Dog – whose stated mission is connecting dogs and people – is putting those words into action with a trio of simple, stylish and secure Apple AirTag Cases.

AirTags, for those unacquainted, are tiny tracking devices developed and marketed by Apple (the iPhone folks). Introduced in April of 2021, AirTags are typically used as key finders but serve a similar purpose when attached to backpacks, small electronic devices, vehicles, sketchy significant others and last but not least, pets!

Apple AirTag Cases from Zee.Dog

Zee.Dog only recently introduced their new line of AirTag Cases but they've proven to be a huge hit – the company is struggling to keep them in stock. Available in Lime (green), Gotham (black) and Jelly (frosty white with colored sprinkles, like a birthday cake), the cases are composed of soft yet durable, non-toxic, 100% silicone plastic.

The 1.46 inch (3.72 cm) by 1.49 in (3.79 cm) cases are designed to perfectly fit around an AirTag tracking device. To install, simply slide the case onto collars and/or harness straps up to 1 inch (2.54 cm) wide. Neither AirTags nor collars are included with orders, by the way.

Apple AirTag Cases from Zee.Dog

Zee.Dog's pet-friendly AirTag case is the pet-tracking accessory you've always needed, wanted and dreamed of – you won't want to leave home for walkies without it! For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at Zee.Dog.