It was early this summer that a security video of a little boy sneaking into a neighbor’s garage to steal was uploaded onto Facebook. Quickly the video began to go viral. It really struck a chord with people all over the world. The boy was stealing something that we pet lovers could all identify with. He was trespassing to stealing hugs from the neighbor’s black Labrador retriever, Duchess.

Boy Steals Hugs from a Dog
Josh Stealing a Hug from Duchess

Image via 7 News

The neighbor, Hollie Mallet, was hardly upset by what she had found on her security camera’s video. Indeed, she was touched by what she saw and the reason she posted the video was to find out who the boy was to let him know that it was okay for him to visit Duchess. Apparently he was not the first little boy to be drawn into the garage by Duchess’s charms.

Ginger Breaux was one of the people to see the video online and to her chagrin she immediately recognized her son, Josh, as the hug and haul bandit. She was horrified that he would do such a thing since she had taught him not to trespass. She was also proud that her boy had such a big heart. She contacted Mallet with her son’s identity and an apology.

Josh and Belle
Josh and Belle

Image via YouTube

When Mallet heard that the Breaux family’s dog, Belle, had died the year before and that Josh had taken the event especially hard it touched her heart even further and she invited Josh to come over and hang out with Duchess any time he wanted to. He didn’t need to sneak around anymore. Josh gladly accepted the invitation and started visiting Duchess almost daily. It was the next step in healing his “dogless” heart.

Josh and Duchess
Josh and Duchess

Image via The Dodo

Both before and during the time that these events were unfolding, Josh had been campaigning for a new dog. His mom had been standing firm, saying that the time wasn’t right. After the video caught fire she found herself defending her stance on the news. She said that with summer activities starting the family would not have the time to give the dog the proper care and attention it would need. The truth be told, she was using her motherly wisdom to know that the adoption of a puppy was not something to be rushed into. It needs to be the right dog, the right choice, and at the right time. However, Josh now had thousands, if not millions of people on his side in the campaign and Ginger was starting to feel the pressure from all sides.

Last week the news came out that Ginger had finally relented. A nearby family had a dog they needed to find a new home for. Their son had gone off to college and could no longer care for the dog. It was a two and a half month old black Labrador puppy named Drake – just the right kind of dog to fill the empty space in a little boy’s heart. It was like a match made in heaven – a little boy in need of a dog and a little dog in need of a boy. Ginger picked up the dog and took him home to surprise the family – especially Josh. Drake would be his dog, after all.

Josh and Drake
Josh and Drakes

Image via The Dodo

The news companies were keen to update the world with the news that Josh’s biggest dream had finally come true. Ginger explained that when she brought Drake into the house Josh had nearly cried, though he had tried to hide it with his face in a pillow. At first he was in the grip of disbelief. That didn’t last long. Soon videos flashed across television and computer screens showing Drake and Josh getting to know each other on the floor in a frenzy of hugs, licks, giggles, and tail wags.

Josh and Drake Getting to Know One Another
Josh and Drake Getting to Know One Another

Image via ABC News

Josh still goes over to play with Duchess from time to time. Just because a new friend comes along doesn’t mean you abandon the old ones. Even Ginger and Josh’s sister stop in to see the neighbor’s dog from time to time when they go out for a walk. So Josh isn’t the only one who has gained a certain level of notoriety out of this.

This is the sort of story where dreams come true and so it seems that, even though there were no fair maidens and knights in shining armor, the most fitting end to it should be “and they lived happily ever after.” May it be so!

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