It's convenient. It's ergonomic. It's made well and it works. It's reasonable priced. It's functional and it looks darn smart. Why would you want to buy a cheap copy?

Dog Bowl Water Bottle

This plainly named "Dog Bowl Water Bottle," by industrial designer Gary Ross, is a simple product, like some of the best inventions brought to market. It's been ripped off by maybe half a dozen manufacturers, but none match up to the original, either in quality or performance. 

The Dog Bowl Water Bottle doesn't require you to poor water into your dog's mouth from above. You don't have to use two hands - one to hold a bottle and the other to hold a bowl.  And you don't have to worry about leakage when you're carrying it.


Dog Bowl Water Bottle

All you need to do is fill the 20-ounce Dog Bowl Water Bottle with nice fresh cool water. With the Velcro strap, attach the  to your belt buckle, your backpack, your purse...  and take it with you when you go out with your pup.  Go for a hike, go to the beach, wherever you like. When your dog needs a drink, grab the bottle and squeeze water into the bowl attached above the bottle. Then hold the bottle up to your dog's mouth, at her level, and let her drink!  When she's finished, squeeze and release, and the remaining water will return to the bottle.

When I really appreciate the Dog Bowl Water Bottle is when I'm driving with my dog. I just keep it in the cup holder between the front seats and, with one hand, I squeeze the bottle and the bowl fills, making it easy for my dog to access it from the back seat.  It's neat because I don't have to distract myself from driving and don't need two hands.  It makes the bottle really great for car trips.


Dog Bowl Water Bottle

The Dog Bowl Water Bottle has many great reviews at Uncommon Goods, and it is very reasonably priced. It is food safe and BPA free. The bottle comes in clear gray and clear blue.



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