BendiBrush for dogs and cats

BendiBrush for dogs and cats


Show my dog his brush and 'Bye-bye, Mom!' His rear-end sinks, his legs fold inward, but he still manages to scurry off and hide under the bed before I can catch him. Maybe this reaction wouldn't come if I used the bendable brush: the BendiBrush for dogs and cats.


BendiBrush, bendable brush for dogs and cats
BendiBrush, bendable brush for dogs and cats


Developed by a dog groomer in response to all the 'scaredycat dogs' she groomed, the patent-pending BendiBrush bends in the middle so you can get around the curves, nooks, and crannies of your pet's body - it conforms, in other words, to his body. Additionally, the Bendi-Brush is flexible near the edges of the brush so you can groom the sensitive areas around the ears, eye, and mouth. The BendiBrush is also designed with different size bristles so that it can perform de-tangling and de-shedding functions.  The tips of the bristles are round, which I really appreciate because my dog has sensitive skin and I know he's afraid of his brush because of the bristles.

The de-shedding ability of the brush should be appreciated by cat owners too, especially during heavy shedding weather. Here, you can see it in action....



(To watch a BendiBrush work on a dog, go here.)

You can purchase the BendiBrush on  If you'd like to read some customer comments about the brush from BendiBrush's customers, sign on to Facebook and go to the BendiBrush Facebook page.


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